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At PNWUMH, our team understands the used mobile home market and are ready to assist in selling your home.  Whether the home is staying in place or needs to be moved off the property, PNWUMH is ready to help. 

PNWUMH's team assists sellers to navigate the sale and ownership transfer process for sales throughout Washington.  As part of that service, PNWUMH prepares necessary sale paperwork to send to a closing company (title or escrow) and provides buyers with mover information.  

Services to Sellers:

  • Facilitate the sale and purchase of used manufactured homes.  We bring buyers and sellers together.

  • Assist with the sale on a consignment basis. 

  • Provide information to help reinstate a title that has been eliminated.  

  • Exclusive right to market the home on our website and social media sites.

  • Take all inquiries - email, website and phone calls/texts.

  • Schedule home tours (attended or self-guided at seller's discretion).

  • Assure that buyers are able to purchase the home when they make an offer.

  • Submit all offers for review.

  • Prepare Sales and Purchase Agreement and Bill of Sale.

  • Provide all necessary information to a closing company (title or escrow) to complete the sale and title transfer process. 

  • Provide buyers with information to locate movers.

Our Fees:

  • PNWUMH does not charge sellers a commission, instead PNWUMH fees are paid by the buyer after the home is sold from the sale proceeds.

  • PNWUMH fees are "net listing", which means the seller agrees to receive a set amount for the home when it sells, and PNWUMH's fee is the difference between the seller’s set amount and the final sale price.  Our minimum fee is $10,000 so we make every effort to sell the home for more than $10,000 over the seller's set amount. 

    • In the event an offer is received under our minimum selling price (seller’s amount plus $10,000), PNWUMH will request approval to reduce the seller's amount to allow for the minimum fee to PNWUMH.  

  • There are no hidden charges and no surprises!  Any expenses that may be charged are explained in the Consignment Agreement.  If additional expenses are needed, they are discussed in advance.

Seller Responsibilities:

  • Provide information about damage or repairs needed to the home so PNWUMH can share this information with potential buyers.

  • Enter into a Consignment Agreement to allow PNWUMH to market, accept offers, and provide signed sale documents to a closing company on seller's behalf.

  • Remove all existing ads, listings, etc. and refer inquiries to PNWUMH.

  • Once the home is listed, seller may order a Home Inspection Report.  The information from this report is helpful in determining the list price and answering prospective buyers' questions about the home's condition.

    • If seller chooses this option, the cost for the inspection and report are initially paid by the seller and will be reimbursed by the buyer after the home is sold from the sale proceeds.  Seller must provide a written payment receipt from the inspector to receive reimbursement. 

  • Respond promptly to requests from the PNWUMH team for documents or information.

  • Cooperate with any requirements, documents, etc. needed for seller to obtain title to the home (especially if it was eliminated and attached to the land).

  • Ensure all personal property taxes on the home are paid in full for the current tax year.

  • If there is an unpaid underlying mortgage, loan or debt on the home, let PNWUMH know all details, and make sure all payments are up to date when the home is sent for closing.  Do not stop paying these payments!

  • Be willing to allow tours of the home (self-guided or attended by seller - seller's choice).

If this sounds like the right solution...


Click on the appropriate button below to complete and submit the Seller Consignment Questionnaire  - "Sell to Move" or "Sell in Place"


A  member of the PNWUMH team will review the submission and call to discuss it.

Sell to Move Questionnaire
Sell in Place Questionnaire
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