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About Us

We make buying & selling your mobile home easy

Welcome to PNW Used Mobile Homes, your trusted partner in the world of affordable housing solutions. Our journey began in 2018 when Ben Naught Jr, driven by a passion for transforming lives through homes, embarked on a mission that has now blossomed into a thriving enterprise.

Originating from humble beginnings, PNW Used Mobile Homes was born from a single manufactured home installation in Roseburg, Oregon. With determination and the support of devoted friends, Ben orchestrated a symphony of hard work, creativity, and innovation. In just a few short months, that first home not only found a new owner but also set the foundation for something much bigger.

As we ventured into the market, we soon realized that the world of manufactured homes was teeming with opportunities. The realization dawned that our expertise could be channeled into bridging the gap between sellers and buyers, enriching lives on both ends. The vision of PNW Used Mobile Homes expanded to encompass comprehensive services that facilitate seamless transactions, fulfilling dreams of homeownership for many.

With unwavering commitment, we extended our reach to three states – Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Our portfolio grew, and so did our partnerships. Collaborating with investors from across the nation, we not only acquired, refurbished, and resold manufactured homes but also cultivated a thriving community of individuals who share our passion.

Now, as we stand on the cusp of a new horizon, the journey continues. Inspired by the ever-evolving landscape of alternative housing, we proudly introduce "Alternative Home Pros." This visionary initiative aims to be a beacon for those seeking all-encompassing solutions for manufactured and mobile homes, alongside innovative options like container homes, dome homes, and tiny homes.

At the heart of Alternative Home Pros lies an online directory that empowers anyone seeking a professional in the alternative home industry. Seamlessly connecting you with skilled contractors, we streamline the process, making your experience efficient and hassle-free. Your search for reliable experts ends here.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our wonderful team, from diligent admins to creative marketing professionals and talented web developers. Together, we share a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our path forward is one of empowerment, connection, and exploration. PNW Used Mobile Homes and Alternative Home Pros are more than just entities; they embody our relentless pursuit of transformation, rooted in trust, expertise, and a shared vision of a brighter future.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage, where homes are not just structures but gateways to endless possibilities. Welcome to PNW Used Mobile Homes, where your journey to affordable homeownership begins, and where the concept of "home" transcends boundaries.

Contact us today to embark on your own unique journey towards homeownership, innovation, and community-building. Together, let's redefine the way we live, one home at a time.

Meet The Team

Ben Naught

Ben Naught Jr


Deb Kasparek

Deb Kasparek

Contract & Finance Executive Administrative Assistant


Laura Hall-Ritchie

General Executive Administrative Assistant


Yeasin Khalifa

SMM Manager

Julie Tejada


Awesome experience. Ben is a very knowledgeable, thorough, kind and professional person. Very happy to work with him and you will be, too.
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