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Schedule a Home Tour


To schedule a tour of one of the homes on our site, please complete the form below, filling out all fields.  Fields with an "*" are required.  A member of our team will reach out to you to schedule the tour.  Whenever possible, we give our clients at least 24 hour notice so please keep that in mind when requesting a tour date.  Our clients greatly appreciate this courtesy.   Please select AT LEAST 2 DIFFERENT DATES AND TIMES, NOT DIFFERENT TIMES ON THE SAME DAY.   

***** A copy of your Driver's License or State ID is REQUIRED to schedule a tour. *****

Please make EVERY EFFORT to keep your scheduled tour date AND time.  Do not arrive early  so that you do not interfere with others taking a tour.   If plans change and you are NOT able to take the tour,  please CALL US IMMEDIATELY and leave a voice mail if necessary.   Missed tours will be reviewed during normal office hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time).

For the form to be submitted successfully, all required fields must be filled in and a copy of your Driver's License or State ID MUST BE UPLOADED (attached) If you are unable to upload your ID, or have issues with the form, please call (509) 852-3064 for alternate methods of submission.  When the form is submitted successfully, you will see a "Thank you" message at the bottom of the form the information you entered will be cleared.  


  • All questions or concerns about finances, moving, purchasing the home, etc. must be directed to PNWUMH.  Please do not discuss them with the seller. 

  • It is important that all communication regarding the potential sale of the home is done with PNWUMH. 

  • DO NOT ask the seller for their contact information or attempt to contact them yourself.  All contact regarding this home must go through PNWUMH.

  • If you are considering purchasing the home after your tour, all visits to the home to help determine moving costs or issues must be scheduled through PNWUMH.  

Tour Request Form

Can you send/receive texts at this number?
Do you or will you have an interest in the real property on which this home is located?

Tours requests are accepted during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time).  If your request is made after hours, on the weekend, or a holiday that we are closed, you will be contacted the next business day.  We make every effort to accommodate your requested dates/times.  

If you are submitting this request outside of our normal
business hours, please select your FIRST tour date and time option on the next business day.  

Select at least 2 DIFFERENT date and time options for the tour that are a AT LEAST 24 HOURS FROM NOW (or on the next business day).   Please DO NOT SELECT the same date more than once OR the same date AND time more than once.  Your actual scheduled dates and times may may be different than what you requested depending upon Seller availability and the date your request is received.    


Upload ID

Thank you for requesting a tour.  A member of our team will contact you soon.

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