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The Best Winter Skirting Options for Manufactured Homes

Updated: Feb 10

As winter approaches, it's essential to fortify your manufactured home against the cold temperatures and potential hazards. One key aspect of winter preparation is selecting the right skirting for your home. Skirting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also plays a crucial role in insulation and protection. Let's explore the best winter skirting options for manufactured homes and their benefits.

1. Insulated Vinyl Skirting:


  • Excellent insulation properties.

  • Resistant to weather conditions.

  • Low maintenance and durability.

  • Ideal for extreme cold climates.

  • Adds a layer of protection against heat loss.

2. Metal Skirting:


  • Durable and resistant to pests.

  • Provides good ventilation.

  • Low maintenance requirements.

  • Suitable for areas with milder winter climates.

  • Offers stability and protection.

3. Faux Stone or Brick Skirting:


  • Aesthetic appeal with various design options.

  • Durable and weather-resistant.

  • Enhances curb appeal.

  • Adds a decorative element to your home.

  • Suitable for moderate winter conditions.

4. Wood Skirting:


  • Natural aesthetic appeal.

  • Customizable and easy to work with.

  • Good insulation properties.

  • Ideal for milder winter climates.

  • Offers a traditional and rustic look.

5. Cement Board Skirting:


  • Resistant to rot and pests.

  • Durable and low maintenance.

  • Excellent insulation properties.

  • Suitable for various winter conditions.

  • Provides a modern and clean appearance.

1. Climate:

  • Consider the severity of winter in your area. You will want to choose skirting materials that can withstand the specific weather conditions of your area's climate.

2. Insulation Needs:

  • Evaluate the insulation properties of each skirting type. Ensure it provides adequate protection against heat loss at a level that makes sense for your climate conditions.

3. Aesthetic Preferences:

  • Your choice of skirting can enhance the overall look of your manufactured home. Consider your aesthetic preferences and architectural style.

4. Budget:

  • Different skirting materials come with varying costs. Determine a budget that aligns with your financial considerations.

Selecting the right winter skirting for your manufactured home is a crucial step in ensuring both insulation and protection. By exploring these winter skirting options, you not only enhance insulation but also protect your manufactured home, ensuring a cozy and secure living space throughout the colder months.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay tuned for more valuable tips and insights from PNW Used Mobile Homes.

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